Chantaramas Resort and Spa

Koh Phangan
Ban Kai
(bord de mer)
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Prices: 95 - 632 US $
  82 - 545 Euro
  3000 - 20000 Baht

During your stay on the island don't forget to embark on a trip by boat to one of the remote beaches on the east coast, it is definitely worth it and prices are very affordable, ask at Chantaramas Resort and Spa to make arrangements.

Chantaramas Resort and Spa was build not far from the beach, at this spot you are able to experience a fantastic sunset. The place is a few minutes away from the nearest town.

Several beautiful sand beaches and fantastic tropical gardens can be found only walking distance from Chantaramas Resort and Spa.

There are rooms at Chantaramas Resort and Spa at most price levels, the great majority of the bungalows offering air conditioning and hot water at the higher price levels.

Liste des prix des chambres / Bungalows

  basse saison
1.Apr - 15.Jul
1.Sep - 15.Dec
haute saison
16.Dec - 27.Dec
16.Jul - 31.Aug
6.Jan - 31.Mar
très haute saison
28.Dec - 5.Jan

Superem Deluxe Jacuzzi

5000 Baht
136.32 Euro
157.88 US$
6000 Baht
163.59 Euro
189.45 US$
11000 Baht
299.91 Euro
347.33 US$

Deluxe Room

3000 Baht
81.79 Euro
94.73 US$
4500 Baht
122.69 Euro
142.09 US$
8500 Baht
231.75 Euro
268.39 US$

Supreme Deluxe Room

4000 Baht
109.06 Euro
126.30 US$
5500 Baht
149.96 Euro
173.67 US$
9500 Baht
259.01 Euro
299.97 US$

Pool Villa

7500 Baht
204.49 Euro
236.82 US$
9500 Baht
259.01 Euro
299.97 US$
20000 Baht
545.29 Euro
631.51 US$

Calendar with all seasons for Chantaramas Resort and Spa

All year calendar with seasons

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Fullmoon begun with a few people having a beach party at island named Koh Ma, a preserved National Park. On the island many different party area including HadRin and the fullmoon party beach. Most of the area around HaadRin is mountains making most of the fantastic white yoga minded tourists the island can offer some Bungalow paradise island in the southern gulf of siam, Koh Phangan offers the popular retreat, here most can go white sand Koh Phangan has attracted an enormous amount of holiday makers. Some of them somehow find their way back each holiday to the small paradise. What kind of people are those Koh Phangan enthusiasts? Actually, there are a lot of reasons to visit Phangan. Even it is quite small in size many kinds of visitors can find their own place on the island. If you ask me, you should definitely consider traveling to Phangan. If jungle trekking, scuba full moon party where between 5 - 10,000 visitors come on the island for the over crowded resort or beachside hotel to really reasonable prices. You will see many amazing beaches on Phangan. Had RinNai, Had Kuat, Haad Tien and Thong Nai Pan to name just some of the really popular ones.